MWP Procedures

The following are Montana Women's Prison Procedures, for Department Policy, please visit our Internet page.

MWP Forms

Chapter 3: Institutional Operations  

Sec. 1: Security and Control  
3.1.1 Management of the Security Program  
3.1.4 Perimeter Security (Restricted Access)  
3.1.6 Control Center Operations  
3.1.7 Emergency Equipment Armory Operations (Restricted Access)  
3.1.7a Duress Alarm  
3.1.8a Use of Chemical Agents & Oleorensin Capsicum (OC)  
3.1.11 Daily Activities Schedule REVISED 10/5/2020 (Restricted Access)
3.1.12 Escorted Trips  
3.1.13a Key Controy (Key Watch)  
3.1.13b Key in Use Report/Daily Key Inventory Report  
3.1.15 Security Inspections  
3.1.15a Control Room Security Inspections  
3.1.15b Chapel Security Inspections  
3.1.15c Door Security Inspections  
3.1.15d Intake Pod (D-Pod) Door Security Inspections  
3.1.17a Searches and Contraband Control (Building & Property)  
3.1.17c Contraband Shakedowns - Cells and Common Areas  
3.1.33 Radio/Telephone Communications (Restricted Access)  
Sec. 2: Safety and Emergency Procedures  
3.2.2 Fire and Life Safety (Restricted Access) REVISED 11-28-17
Sec. 3: Inmate Rights & Privileges  
3.3.7 Offender Access to Telephones REVISED 3/14/2021
Sec. 4: Rules and Discipline  
Sec. 5: Special Managment  

Chapter 4: Institutional Services  

Sec. 1: Reception and Orientation  
4.1.3b Property Shakedown/Inventory  
Sec. 2: Classification  
Sec. 3: Food Service  
Sec. 4: Sanitation and Hygiene  
Sec. 5: Health Care  
4.5.23a Hospital Procedures  
Sec. 6: Release/Placement  
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