Restitution and Supervision Fees

To pay online:  
Click here and select Department of Corrections Restitution Payments or Supervision Fees from the dropdown menu.  
The following information is required in order to complete the transaction:  
  • DOC ID# 
  • District Court docket number – DC-XX-XX  
  • Probation officer’s name  
  • County of sentencing  
To pay by mail:   
Restitution payments and supervision fees can be mailed to:  
DOC Collections Unit  
P.O. Box 201350  
Helena, MT 59620  
All payments must be made with either a money order or cashier’s check that includes:  
  • Offender name  
  • District Court docket number – DC-XX-XX  
  • County of sentencing  
One money order or cashier’s check may be submitted for payment of both restitution and supervision fees. Be sure to specify how the funds should be directed. If not specified, the entire amount will be applied to restitution.  
Please note: Court-ordered fines and fees are paid to the county clerk of court in the sentencing jurisdiction.  
Collections Unit - (800) 801-3478
Hardship Waivers  
Should the court determine an offender is unable to pay supervision fees due to significant financial hardship, the fee may be reduced or waived. If a reduction in, or waiver of, supervision fees is granted, the Probation and Parole officer must forward a signed copy of the Waiver Request to the DOC Collections Unit. Failure to pay supervision fees without securing a hardship waiver is a violation of state law.  
Wage Garnishment and Tax Offset  
If an offender has income but fails to make restitution payments in a timely manner, the DOC Collections Unit may pursue wage garnishment and/or tax refunds, and tribal per capita payments.  
Offenders have the option of requesting a voluntary wage garnishment or tax offset by contacting their Probation and Parole officer or the Collections Unit directly at (800) 801-3478. 
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