State-owned and Contracted Correctional Facilities

DOC Facilities Map


The Montana Department of Corrections has four state-run facilities and 18 contracted facilities throughout Montana. These include secure, assessment, treatment and prerelease facilities, each playing its role in keeping Montanans safe and assisting offenders to prepare for their successful return to Montana communities. 
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Map Number Facility Operation
1 Missoula Assessment & Sanction Center (MASC) Contracted
2 Missoula Prerelease Center Contracted
3 Montana State Prison State-owned
4 WATCh West - Warm Springs Contracted
5 Connections Corrections Program (CCP West) Contracted
6 Sanction, Treatment, Assessment & Revocation Center (START) Contracted
7 Butte Prerelease Center Contracted
8 Connection Correction Program (CCP East) Contracted
9 Gallatin County Reentry Program Contracted
10 Riverside Special Needs Unit State-owned
11 Elkhorn Treatment Center Contracted
12 Helena Prerelease Center Contracted
13 Great Falls Prerelease Center Contracted
14 Great Falls Regional Prison Contracted
15 Crossroads Correctional Center Contracted
16 Nexus Treatment Center Contracted
17 Montana Women's Prison State-owned
18 Alpha House Prerelease Center Contracted
19 Passages - Prerelease Center, Assessment, Sanction & Revocation Center and Alcohol & Drug Treatment (ADT) Contracted
20 Pine Hills Correctional Facility State-owned
21 Dawson County Correctional Facility Contracted
22 WATCh East - Glendive Contracted
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