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Kurt Aughney 
Quality Assurance Director 
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Montana Department of Corrections Policies

DOC policies are public information and are located on this page for convenience.  
Please note, the department does not publish its restricted policies as those relate to individual or public safety, or security at DOC facilities.   
Policies are continually revised and are updated on the website as promptly as possible.  
The Department of Corrections and state of Montana are not responsible for any document that is falsified or modified in whole or in part by any individual who accesses them. 

Additional Policies  

All policies are downloadable in PDF format. A free copy Adobe Acrobat Reader® can be obtained at

DOC Policies Index

Chapter 1: Administration and Management

Section 1 General Administration
Section 2 Fiscal Management
Section 3 Human Resources
Montana Department of Corrections adhere to the State of Montana Human Resources (HR) policies. State HR policies may be found at
HR policies specific to Montana Department of Corrections are as follows:  
Section 4 Staff Development and Training
Section 5 Case Records Management
Section 7 Information Systems
Section 8 Victim Services
Section 9 Crime Control Bureau

Chapter 2: Physical Plant

Section 1 Building and Safety Codes
Section 2 Size, Organization and Location
Section 3 Housing

Chapter 3: Facility/Program Operations

Access is Restricted on some of the policies in this section.
Contact the Policy Manager for information about restricted policies.
(406) 444-2828
5 South Last Chance Gulch/P.O. Box 201301
Helena, MT 59620-1301
Section 1 Security Operations
Section 2 Emergency Management and Safety Plans
Emergency Management Plans
3.2.1A Department Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP) (Restricted Distribution)
3.2.1B Department of Corrections Exercise and Evaluation Program Standard Operating Procedure (DOCEEP) (Restricted Distribution)
3.2.4 Bomb Threats and Suspicious Objects (Restricted Distribution)
Safety Plans
Section 3 Rights and Privileges
Section 4 Rules and Discipline
Section 5 Special Management
Section 6 Executions

Chapter 4: Facility/Program Services

Section 1 Reception and Orientation
Section 2 Classification
Section 3 Food Service
Section 4 Sanitation and Hygiene
Section 5 Clinical Services
Section 6 Release/Placement


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