Director Brian M. Gootkin Deputy Director Cynthia L. Wolken Director’s Office - provides centralized leadership, determines direction and priorities, and establishes overall policy for the department. American Indian Liaison: Harlan Trombley Communications: Carolynn BrightInvestigations: Paul SzczepaniakLegal Services: Colleen AmbroseQuality Assurance: Kurt AughneyVictim Services: Jamie Rogers Administrative services Administrator:  John Daugherty -manages the department’s annual budget and provides fiscal, information technology, human resources, project management, procurement, contracts and other support services to all programs. -Montana Board of Crime Control also falls within this division. Clinical Services Superintendent:  Steve Ray - secure facility which separately houses male juvenile offenders (10-17 years) and males (18-24) for specialized treatment. Montana Correctional Enterprises. Administrator:  Gayle Butler- provides general and vocational education, on-the-job training and real-world work experience in industry, vocational and agricultural programs for offenders. Montana State Prison Warden: Jim Salmonsen- secure male facility which houses up to 1,600 inmates, contract management for regional and private prison beds. Montana Women’s  Prison Warden: Jennie Hansen- secure female facility which houses up to 250 inmates. Probation & Parole Administrator: Kevin Olson - supervises Montana’s offender population in the community. Programs & Facilities Bureau Bureau Chief:  Megan Coy- oversees and manages contracts for DOC-contracted assessment, sanction and revocation centers, treatment programs, and prerelease centers. Montana Board of Pardons and Parole Board Chair: Annette Carter - decides which inmates have earned early release from prison; determines conditions imposed on offenders while under community supervision; and manages parole revocations and applications for executive clemency. (An autonomous, quasi-judicial body administratively attached to DOC for budgetary purposes.)


Director’s Office

Director Brian Gootkin  – (406) 444-3930

Deputy Director Cynthia Wolken  – (406) 444-3930

American Indian Liaison Harlan Trombley – (406) 444-0403

Communications Director Carolynn Bright – (406) 444-0409

Investigations Manager Paul Szczepaniak  – (406) 444-5386

Legal Services Bureau Chief Colleen Ambrose – (406) 444-4152

Quality Assurance Director Kurt Aughney – (406) 444-0348

Victim Services Program Manager Jamie Rogers – (406) 444-7461


Administrative Services Division

Administrator John Daugherty (406) 444-4469

Financial Services Bureau Chief Kimberly Timm (406) 444-4903

Human Resources Bureau Chief Michael Hughes (406) 589-9744

Information Technology Chief Information Officer Jon Straughn (406) 444-1706


Clinical Services Division

Administrator Connie Winner (406) 444-6580

Mental Health Bureau Chief Steffani Turner (406) 444-1547

Medical Services Bureau Chief Cindy Hiner (406) 444-5439


Montana Correctional Enterprises

Administrator Gayle Butler (406) 415-6373


Montana State Prison

Warden Jim Salmonsen (406) 415-6302


Montana Women’s Prison

Warden Jennie Hansen (406) 247-5100


Pine Hills Correctional Facility

Superintendent Steve Ray (406) 232-1377


Probation and Parole Division

Administrator – Vacant

Bureau Chief Katie Donath (406) 444-0376

Bureau Chief Kim Lahiff (406) 542-7130


Programs and Facilities Bureau

Bureau Chief Megan Coy (406) 444-1538

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