Inmate Financial Transactions

Inmates may receive funds for their use in the prison canteen, etc. from immediate family members on their visiting list, their attorney, and one approved non-family member (with certain restrictions).  
Not on an approved visiting list? Click here to apply. 
To make an online deposit: 
Approved individuals may place money in an inmate’s trust account through the online Inmate Trust Account Deposit service here. There is a $250 limit for transactions. No proceeds benefit the state of Montana or the Montana Department of Corrections. 
When creating your account in the online Inmate Trust Account Deposit service, confirm that the name you enter matches the name on your visitation application exactly.  For example, if you used a middle initial on your application, include the initial in your Inmate Trust account.  If your name does not match exactly, the system will not accept your payment.
Creating an account will require the last four digits of the user’s Social Security number. 
For assistance call (406) 444-4234.
Helpful hint: When visiting the online Inmate Trust Account Deposits page click on the Montana shaped graphic to start the process. See below:
This system serves inmates at: 
Montana State Prison 
Montana Women's Prison 
Pine Hills Correctional Facility (adults only) 
Crossroads Correctional Center 
Dawson County Correctional Facility 
To mail in a deposit: 
Approved individuals may mail money to an inmate in the form of a cashier’s check or a U.S. Postal Service money order. Personal checks are not accepted and are returned to the sender. 
The cashier’s check or money order must include: 
  • the inmate’s full name and DOC number 
  • the sender’s full name and address 
In addition: 
  • Funds must be received within 20 days of the date of purchase. 
  • The envelope containing the cashier’s check or money order must be postmarked from the immediate area in which the approved sender’s listed residence is located. 
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