Staying Connected

Inmates at DOC-run facilities are each provided with a tablet through which they may communicate with family and friends using messaging, phone calls, and video visitation.

All communication through the tablets is initiated by inmates via an email invitation. Once an invitation is received, individuals must create a GettingOut account. Family and friends should not create an account until they receive an invitation.

Instructions to create a GettingOut account. 

NEW! Starting May 1, 2024, family and friends no longer need to fund two accounts (ICS Prepaid and GettingOut) to talk and message with their loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Messaging, Photo Sharing 

Inmates may exchange text messages through their tablets, as well as receive video messages and photos.

Text messages – 25 cents per minute or message

Video messages – 35 cents per minute

Photo attachments – 25 cents per minute

Phone Calls 

Inmates may make calls from their tablets or from traditional wall unit phones. Each inmate receives one free phone call every week. After that, the cost is 6 cents per minute.

Video Visitation

Inmates may initiate video visits with their family and friends by connecting their tablets to docking stations located in their units. Online scheduling of video visits is no longer available. Each inmate receives one, 10-minute period of free video visitation every week. After that, the cost is 25 cents per minute.

3.3.7 Offender Access to Audio and Video Calling


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