Friends & Family

The Montana Department of Corrections recognizes the important role staying in contact with friends and family plays in the overall wellness of offenders while incarcerated, and their successful return to their communities. As such, several options are available to allow offenders to maintain these connections. 

Communication options include: 
  • Messaging
  • Mail 
  • Phone calls 
  • Video visitation 
  • In-person visitation

Please be aware, all communications (with the exception of legal), are monitored and recorded. 

All communications options listed above are not available at all DOC-contracted facilities. Please refer to those facilities’ websites for more information.

To help family and friends of inmates in DOC facilities familiarize themselves with methods they can use to stay connected with their loved ones, the department developed an onboarding guide. Information found in the guide is available in the Friends and Family area of this website, or may be downloaded in pdf form by clicking here.

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