Transitional Assistance, Rental Vouchers

Once significant factor in individuals not being paroled is their inability to secure appropriate housing in the community. The DOC assists with this through the following:  
Rental Voucher Fund 
Each year, $200,000 is available through the DOC to assist offenders released from prison on parole. Rental vouchers cover up to three months of rental assistance and must be approved prior to an individual leaving the prison.  
To apply, offenders must contact their case managers in the facility. 
Transitional Assistance Funds 
These funds ($400,000 annually) are available for offenders reentering the community through parole or conditional release, in community corrections programs, or on probation. Funding requests must be reasonable, justifiable and specifically allocated for a service, equipment, or other need supportive of successful release to, or continuation of, community supervision. Examples of allowable uses include: housing assistance, transportation, treatment or program costs, etc.  
To apply, offenders must contact their case managers or Probation and Parole officers. 
Programs and Facilities Bureau Chief - Megan Coy (406) 444 -1538


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