DOC Social Media Terms of Use Policies

Welcome to the Montana Department of Corrections’ official social media accounts. Please be aware that our social media platforms are not designated for reporting incidents or emergencies. If this is an emergency, please dial 9-1-1 immediately. Please understand that you participate in our social media platforms at your own risk. Because they are external, cloud-based sites, DOC cannot make any guarantees as to the security of the content shared on them. If you would like to contact us with information that must be kept confidential, please email us at Posting of any content on any social media platform used by the DOC, by any visitor, follower, subscriber or fan, constitutes acceptance of the terms of use described in this policy. Any and all content posted or submitted for posting on our social media platforms is public and subject to public disclosure laws.

Moderation of Content

Our social media platforms function as online discussion sites and are monitored by DOC’s social media team; they serve as limited public forums for discussion. They’re consistently monitored during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8-5PM. Our social media platforms are monitored only periodically outside of regular business hours and on weekends and holidays. Please be aware of the following:

The opinions expressed by visitors on DOC social media platforms along with all user content do not necessarily reflect the views of this agency, its employees or the state of Montana.

The DOC’s social media platforms are intended to be “family friendly.” When applicable, the department uses platform-provided content moderation/filtering options to limit foul or obscene content. The DOC does not discriminate based on viewpoint but does actively monitor the social media platforms used by the department, and will remove inappropriate content as defined below, without prior notice, and as soon as possible. The department shall reserve the right to remove and/or block anyone who posts inappropriate material as determined by the department. Comments will not be edited by our personnel, but DOC reserves the right to remove comments that include:

  • Obscenity including racial slurs
  • Pornographic content
  • Content which violates the right to privacy
  • Comments which may reasonably interfere with, inhibit or compromise law enforcement/corrections investigations, police/corrections tactics, police/corrections responses to incidents and/or the safety of corrections staff and officers.
  • Threats or “Fighting Words”
  • Incitement to imminent lawless action
  • Solicitations to commit, or speech integral to, criminal conduct
  • Fraud
  • Defamation (libel/slander)
  • Commercial solicitations, promotions, or advertisements
  • Hate speech
  • Off-topic comments
  • “Trolling,” “robo spam” and comments by “social bots” (i.e. generated by automatic software programs)
  • Malicious or harmful software
  • Links to websites that violate one of these listed categories
  • Promotion in favor of, or in opposition to, a candidate campaigning for election to a political office.
  • Copyrighted material posted without consent

Furthermore, while we encourage debate and discussion, we respectfully request that commenters be mindful that these sites are open to the public and that commenters be courteous and civil toward one another.

Denial of Access

DOC may take steps to have content removed if it falls within one of the foregoing categories. Repeatedly violating these guidelines may result in your permanent removal from DOC social media platforms. If you wish to contest the removal or hiding of your content or your denial of access from our social media accounts, please contact us at (406) 444-0409 or . For record-keeping purposes, members of the DOC Social Media team shall capture all manually hidden or deleted comments and pages bans via completing an entry in a tracking spreadsheet.


Should you have any questions in regard to items contained in this Terms of Use, please contact the Montana Department of Corrections’ communications director at (406) 444-0409.