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Chapter 1 Administration and Management
Section 1 General Administration
1.1.6 Incident Reporting
1.1.8 Media Relations
1.1.10 MSP/MCE Tours
1.1.17 PREA
Section 2 Fiscal Management
1.2.10 Canteen
1.2.12 Inmate Welfare (D.S.)
1.2.18 Fleet Vehicle Management
Section 3 Personnel
1.3.16A Religious Volunteer Services
1.3.41 Employee Dress, Uniform, & Hygiene
1.3.46 Employee Meal Breaks
1.3.100 Employee Recognition Program
1.3.102 Correctional Officer Post Assignments
Section 4 Training and Staff Development see DOC policies
Section 5 Case Records/Good Time
1.5.5 Organization and Transfer of Unit Mini Files
Section 6 Research see DOC policies
Section 7 Information Systems see DOC policies
Section 8 Victims see DOC policies
Chapter 2 Physical Plant
Section 1 Building and Safety Codes
2.1.1 MSP Maintenance
2.1.3 Land Use Restrictions
Section 2 Size and Organization see DOC policies
Section 3 Housing see DOC policies
Chapter 3 Institutional Operations
Section 1 Security and Control
3.1.1 Management of the Security Program
3.1.2A Post Orders
3.1.3 MSP Logs and Record Keeping System
3.1.4 Perimeter Security
3.1.5 Entrance Procedures & Detainment of Non-Offenders
3.1.6 Control Center Operations
3.1.7 Emergency Equipment and Armory Operations (Restricted Access)
3.1.8 Use of Force and Restraints (D.S.)
3.1.8A Use of Chemical Agents & Oleoresin Capsicum (OC)
3.1.8B Taser Deployment
3.1.11 Inmate Movement Control (D.S.)
3.1.12 Inmate Escort & Transport
3.1.13 Key Control (Restricted Access)
3.1.14 Tool Control (D.S.) 
3.1.15 Security Inspections
3.1.17A Searches (D.S.)
3.1.17B Contraband Control (D.S.)
3.1.20 Inmate Drug Testing
3.1.21 Inmate Count & Supervision
3.1.30 Funeral, Sick Bed Visits, Emergency Temporary Leave for Inmates
3.1.31 Firearms (Restricted Access)
3.1.33 Radio Communications
3.1.100 Supervision of Inmates (D.S.)
3.1.101 Inmate Driving Permits, Driver's Licenses, & State ID
3.1.105 Tower Regulations (Restricted Access)
3.1.107 Inmate ID cards
Section 2 Safety and Emergency Procedures
3.2.1 Emergency Preparedness (D.S.)
3.2.1B Correctional Incident Command (previously 3.7.4) (Restricted Access)
3.2.2 Tactical Teams (previously 3.7.9 and 3.2.9) (Restricted Access)
3.2.3 Airspace Security (previously 3.7.10) (Restricted Access)
3.2.4 Bomb Threats, Suspicious Objects (previously 3.7.11) (Restricted Access)
3.2.5 Internal Evacuation (previously 3.7.14) (Restricted Access)
3.2.6 External Evacuation (Previously 3.7.15) (Restricted Access)
3.2.7 Emergency Perimeter Security (Previously 3.7.17) (Restricted Access)
3.2.8 Facility Lockdown (previously 3.7.18) (Restricted Access)
3.2.10 Fire & Life Safety (D.S.)
3.2.11 Escapes (previously 3.2.2) (Restricted Access)
3.2.12 Control and Use of Hazardous Materials
3.2.13 Safety Inspections (D.S.)
3.2.16 Post Trauma Response (previously 3.7.8)
3.2.20 Hazardous / Dangerous Material Incidents
3.2.26 Disturbances / Riots (previously 3.7.26) (Restricted Access)
3.2.102  CISC Exercise Design and Evaluation (Restricted Access)
3.2.103 MSP Emergency Response Management (previously 3.7.6) (Restricted Access)
3.2.104 Emergency Media Relations (previously 3.7.7 & 3.2.104) (Restricted Access)
3.2.106 Emergency Staffing / Job Action Plan (previously 3.7.13) (Restricted Access)
3.2.107 Negotiations Management (previously 3.7.21) (Restricted Access)
3.2.110 Critical Incident Fact Finding (Restricted Access)
3.2.122 Natural Disasters (Restricted Access)
3.2.123 Utility Failure (Restricted Access)
Section 3 Inmate Rights & Privileges
3.3.2 Inmate Legal Access to Courts
3.3.3 Inmate Grievance Program (D.S.)
3.3.4 Media Access to Inmates (D.S.)
3.3.5 Inmate/Staff Communication Methods
3.3.6 Inmate Mail
3.3.7 Inmate Access to Telephones
3.3.8 Inmate Visiting
3.3.10 Inmate Issued Computer Tablets
3.3.21 Inmate Video Visitation
Section 4 Rules and Discipline
3.4.1 Institutional Discipline
3.4.3 Tobacco Use Regulations
3.4.100 Pre-Hearing Confinement
3.4.101 Informant Information Reports (Restricted Access)
3.4.102 Unit Rules
Section 5 Special Management
3.5.1 Restrictive Housing Operations
Section 6 Executions
3.6.1 Executions
Chapter 4 Institutional Services
Section 1 Reception and Orientation
4.1.1 Inmate Admissions Process
4.1.2 Inmate Reception & Orientation
4.1.3 Inmate Personal Property
Section 2 Classification
4.2.1 Inmate Classification System
4.2.200 Special Management of Atypical Inmates
4.2.202 Inmate Separation Needs
Section 3 Food Service see DOC policies
Section 4 Sanitation and Hygiene
4.4.1 Inmate Hygiene, Clothing & Linen Supplies
Section 5 Health Care
  MSP Health Services Procedure Index
HS A-02.0 Responsible Health Authority
HS-A-06.0 CQI Plan for Health Services
HS A-08.0 Communication on Inmate Health Needs
HS A-08.1 Housing of Inmates with Mental Health Disorders
HS A-08.2 Medical Clearance for IM Transfers
HS A-10.0 Inmate Death
HS B-01.0 Infection Control Program
HS B-01.1 Standard Precautions
HS B-01.2 Bloodborne Pathogens
HS B-01.3 Rapid HIV Hep C Testing
HS B-01.4 Tuberculosis
HS B-01.5 Decontamination of Medical Equipment
HS B-01.6 Community Acquired MRSA Control Plan
HS B-01.7 Infirmary Food Service Sanitation
HS B-01.8 Ectoparasite Control
HS B-02.0 Clinical Error Reporting System
HS B-03.0 First Aid Blood Spill Kits
HS B-05.0 PREA Mental Health Assessments
HS C-01.0 Credentials
HS C-02.0 Clinical Performance Enhancement
HS C-05.0 Medication Administration Training
HS C-06.0 Inmate Workers
HS C-07.0 Medical Staffing Plan
HS C-09.0 Orientation Professional Development for Health Staff
HS D-01.0 New Pharmaceutical Operations and Medication Services
HS D-02.0 Discharge Medications
HS D-02.1 Inmate Self Medication
HS D-02.2 Disposal of Expired Discontinued or Damaged Narcotics
HS D-02.3 Medication Box Self Administration System
HS D-02.4 Medication Starter Doses
HS D-02.5 Sterile Parenteral Products
HS D-03.0 Clinical Space Equip Supplies
HS D-04.0 Diagnostic Services
HS E-02.0 Intake Health Screening
HS E-05.0 Mental Health Screening
HS E-06.1 Initial Dental Treatment
HS E-06.2 Emergency Dental Evaluation
HS E-06.3 Non-Emergent Dental Treatment
HS E-06.4 Periodontal Care
HS E-06.5 Dental Prosthetic Services
HS E-06.6 Outside Dental Consultation or Treatment
HS E-06.8 Dental Infection Control
HS E-07.0 Non-Emergent Health Care Requests
HS E-07.1 Non-Emergent Mental Health Care Requests
HS E-08.0 Emergency Medical Services
HS E-08.1 Urgent Emergent Response
HS E-08.2 Crash Cart
HS E-09.0 Mental Health Evaluation of Inmates in Segregation
HS E-11.0 Completing Nursing Protocols
HS E-12.0 Continuity of Care
HS E-13.0 Discharge Medical Eval Planning
HS E-14.0 Wound Documentation with or without Photography
HS F-01.0 Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
HS F-02.0 Medical Diets
HS G-01.0 Chronic Disease Services
HS G-02.0 Inmates with Special Health Needs
HS G-03.0 Infirmary Care
HS G-04.0 Mental Health Services
HS G-06.0 Intoxication Withdrawal
HS G-11.0 Care for Terminally Ill
HS I-01.0 Mental Health Observation and Clinical Restraints
HS I-02.0 Involuntary Psychotropic Medications
HS I-02.1 Emergency Medications
HS I-03.0 Forensic Information
HS I-04.0 End of Life Decision Making
HS I-05.0 Informed Consent
HS I-05.1 Right to Refuse
4.5.100 Suicide Risk Management
Section 6 Release/Placement  see DOC policies
Section 7 & 8 Interstate Transfers & Contracted Inmate Placement
4.7.100 Interstate Compact Transfers
4.8.100 Contract Placement Bureau Operations
Chapter 5 Inmate Programs
Section 1 Work Programs
5.1.3 Inmate Community Work Programs & Projects
5.1.6 Wild Land Fire Crew
5.1.102 Inmate participation in a Long Term Work Program
5.1.104 Inmate Worker and Student Appreciation Day
Section 2 Industries (Correctional Enterprises) see DOC policies
Section 3 Education Programs
5.3.1. Inmate Academic Education
5.3.2 Library Services
5.3.101 KMSP Closed Circuit Television
Section 5 Recreation and Activities
5.5.2 Inmate Organizations
5.5.3 Recreation Programs
5.5.4 Hobby Crafts Program
5.5.100 Food Sales and Inmate Handouts (D.S.)
5.5.101 Special Activities
5.5.103 Inmate Organization & Activity Sponsors
5.5.104 Inmate Housing Unit Representatives
Section 6 Religious Programs
5.6.1 Religious Programming