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Section 1 Reception and Orientation
4.1.1 Offender Admissions Process
4.1.2 Offender Reception and Orientation
4.1.3 Offender Personal Property
4.1.4 Indigent Status
Section 2 Classification
4.2.1 Offender Classification System
4.2.2 Special Needs Offenders
4.2.3 Unit Management
Section 3 Food Service
4.3.1 General Food Service Operations
4.3.2 Menu Planning
4.3.3 Food Service Safety and Sanitation
4.3.4 Food Service in Special Housing Units
Section 4 Sanitation and Hygiene
4.4.1 Offender Hygiene, Clothing and Linen Supplies
4.4.2 Facility Sanitation and Pest Control
Section 5 Clinical Services
4.5.2 Responsible Health Authority
4.5.3 Health Care Autonomy
4.5.4 Health Care Credentialing
4.5.5 Health Care Manual
4.5.6 Administrative Meetings and Reports
4.5.7 Offender Workers in Health Care Units
4.5.9 Continuous Quality Improvement
4.5.10 Level of Therapeutic Care
4.5.11 Infection Control Program
4.5.11A Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Treatment
4.5.12 Managed Care and Cost Containment
4.5.13 Intake/Reception Health Screening
4.5.14 Offender Health Care Assessments
4.5.15 Offender Health Care Access
4.5.16 Offender Non-Emergency Health Requests and Sick Call
4.5.19 Nursing Assessment Protocols
4.5.20 Emergency Medical Services
4.5.21 Locked Housing Offender Health Assessment and Services
4.5.22 Offender Health Care Continuity
4.5.23 Offender Health Care Escort and Transport
4.5.24 Offender Health Education and Promotion
4.5.25 Pharmaceuticals
4.5.26 Offender Dental Services
4.5.26A Dental Services
4.5.27 Offender Mental Health Services
4.5.29 Prescription Medication for Offenders with Mental Illness
4.5.31 Informed Consent
4.5.32 Right to Refuse Medical Treatment
4.5.33 Offender Medical Emergency Notifications
4.5.34 Offender Death
4.5.35 Chemical Treatment of Sex Offenders
4.5.36 Health Records Transfer
4.5.37 Offender Health Records Format and Content
4.5.38 Offender Health Records Access, Release, and Retention
4.5.39 Offender Participation in Research Projects
Section 6 Release/Placement
4.6.2 Release, Transfer,and Movement Procedures
4.6.3 DOC Commitments
4.6.5 Adult Detention Placements
4.6.6 Furlough Program
4.6.7 Medical Parole
4.6.9 Placement and Reporting of Youth with Adult Sentences
4.6.10 Discharge, Release, and Transfer From YSD
4.6.11 Out of Home Placement of Youth