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Section 1 Security Operations
3.1.1 Management of the Security Program
3.1.2 Facility Security Manuals
3.1.3 Logs and Record Keeping
3.1.4 Perimeter Security
3.1.5 Entrance Procedure and Detainment of Non-Offenders
3.1.6 Control Center Operations
3.1.7 Emergency Equipment and Armory Operations
3.1.8 Use of Force and Restraints
3.1.11 Offender Movement Control
3.1.12 Offender Escort and Transport
3.1.13 Key Control
3.1.14 Tool Control
3.1.15 Security Inspections
3.1.17 Searches and Contraband Control
3.1.19 Investigations
3.1.20 Offender Drug Testing Program
3.1.21 Inmate Count and Supervision
3.1.24 Security Threat Group and Street Gang Identification and Management
3.1.26 Polygraph Tests for Offenders
3.1.27 Camera Surveillance System
3.1.28 Crime Scene and Physical Evidence Preservation
3.1.30 Offender Escorted Leave
3.1.31 Firearms
3.1.32 Electronic Monitoring System
3.1.33 Radio Communication Systems
3.1.33A Radio System Logistic Support Standard Operating Procedure
3.1.34 Correctional Facility Staffing
Section 2 Emergency Management and Safety Plans
Emergency Management Plans
3.2.1 Emergency Management
3.2.1A Department Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP) (Restricted Distribution)
3.2.1B Department of Corrections Exercise and Evaluation Program Standard Operating Procedure (DOCEEP) (Restricted Distribution)
3.2.2 Response Teams
3.2.3 Airspace Security
3.2.4 Bomb Threats and Suspicious Objects (Restricted Distribution)
3.2.5 Internal Evacuation
3.2.6 External Evacuation
3.2.7 Emergency Perimeter Security
3.2.8 Facility Lockdown
Safety Plans
3.2.12 Control and Use of Hazardous Materials
Section 3 Rights and Privileges
3.3.2 Offender Legal Access to Courts
3.3.3 Offender Grievance Program
3.3.4 Media Access to Offenders (Also refer to 1.1.8)
3.3.5 Offender/Staff Communications Methods
3.3.6 Offender Mail
3.3.7 Offender Access to Telephones
3.3.8 Offender Visiting
3.3.9 Offender Marriages
3.3.10 Offender Issued Computer Tablets
3.3.15 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Offender Accommodations
Section 4 Rules and Discipline
3.4.1 Offender Disciplinary System
3.4.2 Prohibited Acts
3.4.3 Tobacco Use Regulations
Section 5 Special Management
3.5.1 Locked Housing Unit Operations
3.5.5 Behavior Management Plans
Section 6 Executions
3.6.1 Executions