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Section 1 General Administration
1.1.2 Policy Management System
1.1.2A Policy Unit Standard Operations Procedure Guide
1.1.3 Organization and Responsibility
1.1.4 Department and Board of Pardons and Parole Coordination
1.1.5 Political Practices
1.1.6 Priority Incident Reporting and Acting Director
1.1.7 Quality Assurance
1.1.7A Quality Assurance Office Audit Procedure Manual
1.1.8 Media Relations (also refer to 3.3.4)
1.1.9 Legal Assistance for Staff
1.1.10 Department Facility/Program Tours
1.1.11 Department and Tribal Government Relations
1.1.13 Research Activities of Non-Department Agencies
1.1.14 Loss Control Program
1.1.15 Social Media
1.1.16 Public Communication
1.1.17 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
Section 2 Fiscal Management
1.2.3 Accounting Procedures
1.2.4 Internal Controls
1.2.6 Offender Financial Transactions
1.2.7 Inventories and Public Records Management
1.2.8 Procurement
1.2.9 Contracts
1.2.10 Commissary/Canteen
1.2.12 Inmate Welfare Accounts
1.2.12A Global Fund Release Assistance Operations Procedure Guide
1.2.13 Non-Treasury Cash Accounts
1.2.14 Employee Travel
1.2.15 Discharge/Parole Gate Money
1.2.17 Department Grants and Assistance Management
1.2.18 Fleet Vehicle Operations and Management
1.2.19 Fraudulent Acts Reporting
Section 3 Human Resources
1.3.2 Performance and Conduct
1.3.3 Workers' Compensation/Early Return to Work
1.3.5 Employee Privacy and Record Keeping
1.3.8 Employee Time Management
1.3.11 Legislative Testimony and Process
1.3.12 Staff Association and Conduct with Offenders
1.3.13 Administrative Investigations
1.3.15 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
1.3.16 Volunteer Services
1.3.17 Student Interns
1.3.19 Drug-Free Workplace
1.3.20 Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment
1.3.29 On-Call status for Exempt and Nonexempt Employees
1.3.31 Labor Relations Administration
1.3.35 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
1.3.36 Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
1.3.39 Supervisory Documentation
1.3.41 Employee Dress, Uniform and Hygiene
1.3.42 Fragrance-Free Workplace
1.3.44 Telework
1.3.45 Performance Appraisal (This policy is under revision.  Please refer to MOM 159 Performance Management and Evaluation Policy until further notice.)
1.3.46 Employee Meal and Rest Breaks
1.3.51 Cellular Telephone Usage
1.3.52 Workplace Family Relationships
1.3.54 Public Safety Officer Death
1.3.55 Criminal Conviction in Employment
1.3.56 Wellness Program
Section 4 Staff Development and Training
1.4.1 Staff Development and Training
1.4.1A Training Operations Procedure Guide
Section 5 Case Records Management
1.5.1 Adult Offender Good Time Allowance
1.5.4 Transfer of Offender Records
1.5.5 Offender Records Management, Access, & Release
1.5.5A Correctional Offender Network Website (CONWeb) Standard Operating Procedure
1.5.7 Case Record Auditing
1.5.10 Registration of Sexual and Violent Offenders
1.5.11 Reporting of Admission or Release of Arsonists
1.5.12 Risk and Needs Assessments
1.5.13 DNA Testing/Collection of Biological Samples
Section 7 Information Systems
1.7.1 Information Technology Services
1.7.2 IT Hardware, Software and Contracted Service Standards
1.7.3 Data Quality
1.7.6 Unlawful Use of IT Resources
1.7.7 Computer Security
1.7.9 Acceptable Use of IT Resources
1.7.11 Websites
1.7.13 Offender Access to Computers
1.7.14 Software Licenses
Section 8 Victim Services
1.8.1 Victim Services
1.8.1A Victim Services Standard Operations Procedure Guide
Section 9 Crime Control Bureau
1.9.1 General State Administering Agency Functions