Public Information – This website makes the Department of Corrections Policy Manual accessible to the public in accordance with Montana’s Public Records Law.

Restricted Information – The department may withhold from public disclosure any agency record that:

  • contains information in which there is an individual privacy interest that clearly exceeds the merits of public disclosure
  • relates to individual or public safety
  • relates to the security of facilities under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections

Federal and state law also expressly limits disclosure of the information including, but not limited to, confidential criminal justice information, personnel records, health care records and education records.

Revisions – Policies are continually revised. The website is updated as new or revised policies are approved for release by the department director. In all matters, copies provided by the Policy Unit supersede any copy obtained electronically through the department’s website. The Department of Corrections and State of Montana are not responsible for any document that is falsified or modified in whole or in part by any individual who accesses them.

The department’s Policy Unit administers all policy-related matters to ensure that policies are developed and managed in accordance with applicable national standards, federal and state laws, and department directives.

Montana Department of Corrections Policy Unit
Policy Specialist
5 South Last Chance Gulch, Helena, MT 59620-1301
(406) 444-2828