Our Mission

The Montana Department of Corrections staff:

  • enhances public safety
  • supports the victims of crime
  • promotes positive change in offender behavior
  • reintegrates offenders into the community

Our Goals

  • For offenders, to increase public safety through reduced recidivism
  • For victims, to increase victim safety and peace of mind by providing accurate, timely information and support
  • For the public, to inform and educate through effective communication
  • For department employees, to increase pride through increased professionalism

Offenders are sent to the Department of Corrections from courtrooms in every corner of the state as punishment for the felony crimes they have committed, and to protect society. Each year, approximately 1,250 offenders walk into Montana’s prison system and 1,200 walk out. On average, offenders serve a little over two years in prison before returning to the community. The department’s Probation and Parole officers supervise approximately 8,500 offenders in communities throughout the state.

At the Montana Department of Corrections, we do everything we can to help these offenders become better returning citizens. In the relatively short time we have to work with most offenders, we strive to teach them to accept responsibility for the crimes they committed and understand how those crimes affected their victims. We teach them how to change the way they think, overcome their addictions and manage their mental health problems. And we teach them job and life skills.

It’s a tall order, but our success is vital to public safety in every community in the state. And for that reason, each and every community has a vested interest in becoming engaged in and supporting the department’s efforts to prepare these citizens for successful reentry.

Map of Locations and Capacities of Corrections Programs and Facilities