Your Safety

We understand that some victims wish to remain anonymous due to safety concerns. We take seriously your need for confidentiality and we do not share victim information with offenders. Without your current contact information, however, we cannot notify you about important custody changes that may affect you, such as the offender’s release from prison or placement in your community.

If you have any concerns, please call the Department of Corrections Victim Services program at (888) 223-6332 or (406) 444-0447. 

Reporting unwanted offender behavior

If you are receiving unwanted mail or phone contact from a prison inmate, probationer or parolee, or a third party, contact the victim services program toll-free at (888) 223-6332. Our staff will stop the unwanted and respond to your safety concerns.

For information about orders of protection (restraining orders), contact the Montana Department of Justice Office of Victim Services toll-free at (800) 498-6455 or visit their website