Where is the offender?

Registration is not automatic – participation is voluntary

Register for Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE),our free, confidential, automated public notification system that provides notifications about an offender’s current custody status and location. VINE is first and foremost a service for victims of the crime(s) for which the offenders are currently serving time. Others invited to use VINE include:

  1. Law enforcement, judges and prosecutors
  2. Agencies that protect children and collect child support
  3. Victim and offender family and friends
  4. Anyone who feels threatened by one of our offenders, such as an “ex” who is a victim of domestic violence or stalking, even if the offender was not convicted of these high-risk offenses.

VINE will notify you by phone, email, text message, mobile app, or TTY (for the hearing impaired.) You choose any or all of these method(s).

Register here for VINE.

Let us know if you change phones or addresses

If your address, email address or phone number changes, please contact VINE immediately. We cannot notify you of the offender’s status if you do not report changes in your address, email address or telephone number.

If at any time you wish to discontinue your participation in the VINE notification service, please call 1-800-456-3076 or go to https://www.vinelink.com