More about VINE

VINE (Victim Information & Notification Every Day) is a free, confidential, automated telephone, text messaging, and email system that provides custody status information about adult felony offenders under Montana Department of Corrections supervision – in prison and community-based facilities and programs.

Anyone can call VINE at (800) 456-3076, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to hear the current location of an inmate. The same information is available on the Internet at, or by downloading one of these free apps (applications) for your mobile device. Icons to download the free mobile app for VINE icon for vine mobile app in the itunes app store icon for vine mobile app in the Google play store

In addition, anyone can register with VINE by telephone or online for immediate notification in the event of an offender's release, transfer, or escape from prison.

To use VINE, you will need the offender's Department of Corrections (DOC) number or name (correct spelling required). Prison numbers are available on the CON offender locator website at: If you don’t know how to spell the offender’s name, CON allows partial searches. Just enter a few letters of the first and last name. To register for phone notifications, call VINE at (800) 456-3076 and follow the automated instructions, or press 0 (zero) for a live operator. If you prefer the Internet, go to, click on the Montana map, and follow the instructions to register for phone, email, text messaging, mobile app or TTY (for the hearing impaired).

Download a VINE brochure in PDF format

Frequently asked Questions

I did not register for VINE. Why do I receive these calls and how can I stop them?

Because of “throw away” cell phones, people tend to change their phone numbers more often these days. You may have a number that once belonged to a victim who registered with VINE and so you "inherited" the VINE calls. Call Montana VINE toll-free at (800) 456-3076 any time night or day. Press 0 and you will be connected to a VINE operator.” Ask the VINE operator to stop VINE calls. Then DOC will stop further calls.

What if I forgot my PIN?

You were required to choose a four-digit PIN in order to register for VINE. We understand that forgetting or losing a PIN is common. First try the last four digits of your phone number. If that doesn’t work, use one of these three procedures to stop VINE calls:

  1. Call VINE toll-free at (800) 456-3076 any time night or day. Press 0 for a VINE operator." Ask the VINE operator to stop the current VINE calls. He or she will tell you how to retrieve your PIN or establish a new one.
  2. Call the Department of Corrections victim programs manager toll-free at (888) 223-6332 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (holidays excluded). The victim programs manager will retrieve your PIN, cancel the current call to your number, and ensure that you receive VINE notification the next time the offender's location or custody status changes.
  3. Prison victim information officers can retrieve your PIN during regular business hours. Call (406) 247-5102 at Montana Women's Prison or (406) 846-1320 X2201 at Montana State Prison.

VINE calls are filling up my voice mailbox. How can I stop them?

If you are not at home to receive calls, we recommend that you register for VINE notification via email rather than phone. VINE will send you one email for each custody status "event" and you do not need to confirm with a PIN.

What if I'm not at home or my phone is busy when VINE calls?

The VINE service makes every effort to notify you. If there is no answer or the line is busy, VINE will continue to call periodically for up to 24 hours or until you enter your personal identification number (PIN). VINE will leave messages on an answering machine or voice mail, but still continue to call until the PIN is entered. If you do not know your PIN, refer to "I forgot my PIN," above.

Can I register more than one telephone number or email address with VINE?

You may register an unlimited number of phone, email, text messaging or mobile app numbers. You will need to register each number separately. We recommend that you use the same PIN for all your phone and SMS (text) registrations.

Who owns VINE?

The Montana Department of Corrections and most other states purchase VINE from Appriss, Inc., which operates a central call center in Louisville, Kentucky. VINE receives current custody status and location for Montana offenders numerous times a day from the DOC offender database. New information is immediately released to registered victims.

Can I get help from a "real" person?

VINE provides live operator assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The operators understand each state's unique system. To speak to a VINE operator, call toll-free at (800) 456-3076 and press zero (0) or stay on the line. You may also call the Montana Department of Corrections Victim Programs Manager in Helena, Montana, for VINE registration assistance at (888) 223-6332.

What if I don't have a touch-tone phone?

If you are calling from a rotary phone, call toll-free at (800) 456-3076 and remain on the line for a VINE operator. VINE notification calls to a rotary phone cannot be stopped with a personal identification number (PIN) but VINE provides live operator assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What if I have caller ID or call blocking?

The VINE national call center is located in Louisville, KY, but Montana VINE is managed by the Department of Corrections (DOC) victim programs manager. If you have caller ID or a similar feature on your phone, VINE notifications will be displayed as out of your calling area. If you have questions about VINE, call the victim programs manager toll-free at (888) 223-6332.

Does VINE ensure my safety?

The VINE service is reliable and confidential. VINE is designed to provide quick and easy access to offender information and to assist victims and witnesses with preparations for an offender's release into the community. Missed or inaccurate notifications are rare but such "glitches" are possible.

Do not depend solely on VINE or any other program for your safety. For assistance with safety planning, contact a local victim/witness advocate or call the DOC victim programs manager at (888) 223-6332 for a referral. For a list of county victim advocates, visit: