The Montana Department of Corrections provides public information regarding the death of inmates in its custody pursuant to the Public Records Act, Mont. Code Ann. § 2-6-1001, et seq.

Under Montana law (Title 46, Ch. 4, Pts. 1, 2, MCA), the cause, manner and circumstances of the death of a person who dies while incarcerated in a prison or confined to a correctional facility operated by the state shall be inquired into and determined by a county coroner. Those findings are provided by the coroner to the county attorney in the county of jurisdiction, who may request an inquest into the causes of and circumstances surrounding the death (Title 46, Ch.4, Pts. 2a, MCA). The coroner’s official statement of the cause of death is stated in a death certificate, which are public records. (Title 46-4-110, MCA; 37.8.801, ARM) 


DOC ID Number
Date of Death
Name of Inmate
2056306 1/30/2020 Dennis Thurman Kline Community Hospital of Anaconda
3024599 2/4/2020 Tiffany Ann Vincent Utah (escape status from Butte Prerelease Center)
35396 2/14/2020 Kenneth Leroy Whitlow Montana State Prison
44939 3/21/2020 Dennis Anthony Stuart Marias Medical Center
2140912 3/22/2020 Stephen Richard Thomas Wolf NEXUS Treatment Facility
16142 4/8/2020 Jerry Paul Forsyth Montana State Prison
41795 4/10/2020 Presley Shane Mattingly St. Patrick Hospital
43177 4/10/2020 Levi Baker Alpha House Prerelease Center (off site)
3011990 4/30/2020 Laurence Alan Stewart II Montana State Prison
32417 5/5/2020 James Fallon Allen St. Peter's Hospital
11744 5/7/2020 Robert Dee Close Hospital in Virginia
2119891 5/17/2020 Michael John Westmark Riverside Special Needs Unit
3019371 6/22/2020 Zachary Kyle Swanson Cascade County Jail
3012613 6/27/2020 Dennis Leo Schowengerdt Crossroads Correctional Center
3012236 7/1/2020 Martin Martino Bigday Montana State Prison
3006558 7/1/2020 Albert Elmer Gaub Riverside Special Needs Unit
3008046 7/8/2020 Brian Elien Holm Community Medical Center
16617 7/27/2020 Leonard Dale Douglas Riverside Special Needs Unit
36775 8/21/2020 William Jay Allen Riverside Special Needs Unit
3016677 8/25/2020 Rafael Luise Gneiting Alpha House Prerelease Center
2038564 9/9/2020 Richard Arthur Sandrock Riverside Special Needs Unit
45730 9/12/2020 Larry Dewayne Adams Crossroads Correctional Center
40298 10/16/2020 Ernest Coleman Montana State Prison
3012304 10/17/2020 Donald Earle Stemple Montana State Prison