Administrator: Kevin Olson

Headquartered in Helena, the division has offices throughout Montana providing supervision for offenders in the corrections system through probation, parole and conditional release services.  The division is comprised of three units: Eastern Probation & Parole Bureau, Western Probation & Parole Bureau, and Interstate Compact.

Through 23 field offices, Probation & Parole (P&P) supervises more than 11,000 adult offenders on community supervision. P&P uses several specialized approaches such as the Intensive Supervision Program, a six-month program providing a heightened level of offender management in Montana communities. Other dedicated approaches focus on offenders with co-occurring disorders, DUI offenses, sexual offending and substance abuse.

Interstate Compact Section – The Compact Commissioner and three agents coordinate the movement and data tracking of more than 1,600 adult and youth offenders among states and monitors Compact rules and regulations related to the supervision of interstate offenders. The section provides Montana P&P officers with technical expertise and assistance in interpreting laws and potential liability issues related to the interstate compact. The section also answers questions from the public and works closely with the 23 P&P field offices, five prisons and their institutional P&P officers, and 65 adult interstate compact offices throughout the United States. For more information about the national compact, go to the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS).

The Programs and Facilities Bureau oversees the community-based programs of prerelease centers, treatment facilities, and the facilities providing assessments and sanctions.

  • Pine Hills Adult Male Program – a treatment and reentry program for young men aged 18 to 25, specifically designed to address the needs of young offenders while they are still maturing.
  • Missoula Assessment and Sanction Center – designed to identify comprehensive risk and needs information for male offenders. Provides short-term treatment in chemical dependency, criminal thinking, sexual offender and mental health counseling.
  • Contracted Facilities – Visiting information specific to each facility is available through the following links:
    • Prerelease Centers provide transition from prison to community and an alternative to prison for “diverted” offenders when public safety and the offender’s interests are best served by a level of supervision between prison and probation. The centers provide housing, treatment and supervision of more than 600 men and 170 women.
    • Assessment and Sanction Centers are designed to identify comprehensive risk and needs information to aid in the appropriate placement and treatment of offenders. These centers also provide a placement for offenders who have violated the conditions of their supervision (other than an additional felony offense).
    • Treatment Facilities are secure correctional facilities available as a sentencing option that provide structured in-patient programs for offenders with alcohol, methamphetamine, and/or other chemical dependencies.