Institutional Products

Institutional Services


MCE supplies commissary items to offenders in Montana correctional facilities. Items available include snack foods, clothing, hygiene products, electronics and more, all of which are approved by facility security managers and the Prison Issues Board.  New item requests are submitted each year by the offenders to their unit managers.

For more information, contact the canteen manager at (406) 846-1320 ext. 2541.

Food Factory

The Food Factory includes centralized cook-chill and bakery operations that provide over 12,000 meals per day in tray or bulk form for correctional institutions, county jails, pre-releases, and other non-profit organizations. All menus are prepared by a registered dietitian.

For more information, please contact the Food Factory manager at (406) 846-1320 ext. 2120.


The Laundry provides professional laundering services for governmental and educational agencies and non-profit organizations.

Each customer's laundry is processed separately using national infectious control standards.

MCE can provide pickup and delivery services on our established truck routes. The facility is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.

For more information, contact the laundry manager at (406) 846-1320 ext. 2292.