Community Service Projects 

Work programs and community service projects are a winning proposition for everyone involved. 

  • Governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations receive services. 
  • Community service projects contribute to our local communities.
  • Offenders improve job skills and work ethic. 

Wildland Fire and Fire Kitchen Crews

Montana's Department of Natural Resources and Conservation partners with MCE and Montana State Men's Prison for a Wildland Fire Crew and Montana State Women's Prison for a Fire Kitchen Crew.  Both crews work throughout Montana assisting when wildland fires are threatening our public lands. 

The Wildland Fire Crew has been assisting DNRC since 2002. When the Fire Crew is not fighting fires, they are working in surrounding communities on community service projects. The Fire Kitchen Crew began in 2016. 

These work programs are an excellent opportunity for qualified offenders interested in learning new skills and improving their lives while participating in high intensity and rewarding work assignments. The knowledge and experience gained is essential in building a more confident and diverse individual.