Approval to visit

People wishing to visit residents of the Helena Prerelease Center (HPRC) must complete and return a Visitor Registration form and pass a background check. The form is available for download by clicking the link above, can be obtained at the center, or a resident may mail one to you.

Mail the completed form, with a copy of your picture state or federal ID, to:
Helena Prerelease Center
805 Colleen Street
Helena, MT 59601

If you have questions about visiting, you may call the center at (406) 442-6572.

Conditions of leaving the center with a visitor

All visitors who wish to take residents in their vehicles must provide a copy of their:

  • valid Driver's License
  • vehicle insurance
  • vehicle registration

HPRC residents are on a strict agenda and are responsible for adhering to that agenda. Anyone who takes a resident out of the center must understand that the resident’s agenda must be the first concern. When residents leave the facility, they have a specific destination with a reasonable amount of time to arrive at that destination, and authorization to be with specific people. Any deviation from their stated agenda and/or association with unauthorized people will result in a disciplinary action.

HPRC can require, at any time during a resident’s leave, that he immediately report back to the center.

Conditions of visiting at the center

  • The number of visitors is determined by the staff on duty.
  • All visitors must be at least 18 years old, or be with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol are prohibited. In addition, visitors:
    • must bring a state or federal picture ID
    • must not wear revealing clothing
    • are prohibited from bringing drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons, food, drinks, cameras and cell phones into the prerelease center