Approval to Visit:

People wishing to visit residents at the Elkhorn Treatment Center must complete the Resident Request for Approved Visitor form and pass a background check. The form is also available from center staff, or the resident can mail it to you.

The completed form and a copy of the visitor's picture ID can be dropped off at the center or mailed to:

Elkhorn Treatment Center
P.O. Box 448
Boulder, MT 59632

If you have questions about visiting, you may call the center at (406) 447-5300.

Visiting Conditions:


  • Pre-approval – All visits must be pre-approved. Only visitors scheduled to visit are allowed in the facility.
  • Photo ID – Visitors 18 years and older must present a picture ID, preferably a driver's license. Visitors without a picture ID may not be allowed to visit.
  • Searches – All visitors, including children, will be searched prior to a visit. Visitors who refuse to be searched may be asked to leave.
  • Education – Visitors must attend a visitor education session prior to every visit.

Upon arrival at the Elkhorn Treatment Center, visitors announce their arrival via the intercom in the entryway. Due to the limited visiting area and number of residents, the number of visitors who may be in the Elkhorn Treatment Center at any one time is determined by the order in which requests to visit were received.

Appropriate behavior:

Failure on the part of the resident or her visitors to follow Elkhorn’s rules or guidelines may result in suspension of visiting privileges.

  • It is the resident's responsibility to inform her visitors of the visiting rules.
  • If center staff suspects that a visitor is under the influence, that visitor will be asked to leave the property. Failure to do so will result in law enforcement being contacted.
  • Physical contact between visitors and residents must be appropriate at all times. An embrace and kiss upon a visitor’s arrival and departure is acceptable.
    • Handholding is acceptable if done in an appropriate manner. Hands must be easily observable at all times.
  • Good manners and respect for the rights of others are to be observed at all times.
    • Visitors may not lie on the floors during the visit.
    • Conversation in the visiting area is to be kept low enough so as not to interfere or disturb the routine of the center and other visitors.
  • Visitors are to remain in the visiting area at all times and are not permitted to leave the area.
  • Children are the responsibility of the visitors and are not permitted to leave the visiting area. Visitors who do not supervise their children may be asked to leave.

Allowed items:

  • Visitors are allowed to bring only their picture ID and car keys into the center.
  • Visitors with infants must speak with staff prior to the visit regarding allowable items (i.e. diapers, bottles, etc.)
  • Absolutely nothing else is allowed. Do not bring in packages to hand deliver to the resident.