The Department of Corrections adopts administrative rules by which it implements state law. The Department accepts public comment on proposed rules before making a final decision on a proposed rule action.  The Department files proposal and adoption notices with the Secretary of State’s Office. That office publishes and distributes the final administrative rules adopted by state agencies.

Access the Department's administrative rules online.

Recent Rulemaking Notices

MAR 20-25-70 Notice of Adoption

You may also find the Department’s rulemaking notices by going to and entering 20 in the “Search by Notice Number” field located in the lower, right-hand corner.

To Receive Rulemaking Notices

If you would like to have Department of Corrections rulemaking notices sent to you, you may ask to be added to the Department’s interested persons list. Email your name, mailing and/or email address, and whether you prefer to receive notices by email or traditional mail, to