Director Reginald D. Michael
Deputy Director Cynthia L. Wolken
Communications Director Carolynn Bright
(406) 444-3930

The Director’s Office provides centralized leadership, determines direction and priorities, and establishes overall policy for the department. It is responsible for addressing major issues and questions raised by citizens, policymakers and reporters. The office’s functions provide support and assistance to all operations, facilities and divisions throughout the Department of Corrections.

American Indian Liaison Harlan Trombley
American Indian inmates at Montana State Prison build a new sweat lodgeThe American Indian liaison advises the department on matters related to American Indian culture within the realm of corrections. He is the point of contact for American Indian offenders and their families, and is the liaison between the department and the tribal councils. The American Indian Liaison is the technical advisor to department staff regarding issues related to American Indian offenders and culture. The liaison’s responsibilities include:

  • establishing working relationships and communication channels with the eight established tribal councils in Montana
  • identifying American Indian cultural needs in department programs and facilities, and their impact on correctional practices and policies
  • communicating with inmates and their families, crime victims and others who have questions or concerns about American Indian culture and correctional practices
  • providing training and information to corrections staff on American Indian culture in relation to correctional practices

Investigations Manager Paul Szczepaniak
The Office of Investigations is responsible for criminal and administrative investigations that occur within department facilities and programs statewide, and for locating offenders who have escaped and absconded and returning them to the department’s custody. Investigators share criminal intelligence information about escapees or absconders with regional fugitive task forces and other law enforcement agencies throughout Montana and the United States.

The office also maintains and shares criminal intelligence information about offenders under DOC supervision in relation to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council on Intelligence Information Sharing. The office chief oversees three criminal investigators who are sworn peace officers, two general investigators and a criminal intelligence analyst assigned to the Montana Analysis & Technical Information Center (MATIC).

Chief Legal Counsel Colleen Ambrose
The Legal Office provides legal services and advice to the Director’s Office and to all department divisions. The attorneys also are the legal advisers for the state Board of Pardons and Parole, and are responsible for reviewing agency contracts, administrative rules development and tort claims responses.

Quality Assurance Office Director Kurt Aughney
The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) is responsible for department-wide internal controls, contract compliance, auditing and licensing adult and juvenile correctional facilities, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) management and compliance, policy and procedural management, and safety and risk management. QAO designs and implements multiple quality assurance programs and integrates services, policies and initiatives with all department-operated and contracted facilities and programs to promote successful, consistent and quality practices throughout the department.

Victim Programs Manager Jamie Rogers
The Victim Programs Manager is the contact point for victims of crime and their families, and administers programs that inform, involve, educate and empower crime victims whose adult offenders are under the department’s supervision.

The manager networks with prison and parole board victim information staff to provide accurate and straightforward answers to victims’ questions about offender placement and supervision decisions.