Administrator: Connie Winner
The Clinical Services Division oversees all medical, mental health, dental and vision services for adult and juvenile offenders in the custody of the department – both in secure and contracted facilities. The division was created in January 2014 to bring greater consistency in services across the various correctional facilities, and an increased focus on cost containment and supporting the high professional standards of the department’s clinical staff.

Montana State Prison (MSP) includes an in-patient infirmary. MSP medical staff care for offenders with minor illnesses as well as those with chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, Hepatitis C, HIV and hypertension. Montana Women’s Prison includes an out-patient clinic for female offenders. Medical staff at MWP care for offenders requiring out-patient treatment. All in-patient medical care is provided in the community. The Pine Hills and Riverside youth correctional facilities also have onsite staff to meet the medical and mental health needs of the adolescents in their care.

Medicaid Expansion

Dec. 1, 2015, letters to health care providers about changes going into effect January 1, 2016, in relation to billing and payment changes for services provided to Department of Corrections’ (DOC) offenders: