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Montana State Prison

400 Conley Lake Road
Deer Lodge, Montana 59722
Mike Mahoney, Warden

Located in the Deer Lodge Valley approximately 3.5 miles west of the town of Deer Lodge. The institution is designated to maintain a population of 1300 Adult Male offenders that are classified to one of six custody levels (Max, Close, Medium I, Medium II, Minimum I, and Minimum II). There are approximately 600 employees of which 320 are uniformed staff. The physical plant consist of three compounds, Max, High Side, and Low Side, which are contained within a 68 acre double fenced perimeter. M.S.P. utilizes a unit management structure that is ultimately managed by a Deputy Warden and Warden. Outside the fenced perimeter is an 80 bed Work Dorm that houses Minimum custody inmates that work on a 35,000-acre ranch and dairy program operated by Montana Correctional Enterprises. For current openings and job availability please contact Wanda Hislop at 406-846-1320 x 2202.